Health Center

Rene’ Sumlin
Registered Nurse
334-683-2378 (office)
205-441-3278 (cell)

Cadet Required Medical Information

Use the Magnus Health portal to log in to complete and submit your required medical forms. All medical forms are due prior to your arrival. All new cadets must have a physical and a TB  (PPD) test completed and submitted electronically and read prior to coming on campus. All Returning Athletes must have a physical completed and submitted electronically thru their Magnus Health Portal prior to arriving on campus.

New cadet recruits will receive an email from MMI and Magnus Health with a username and password. You should follow the instructions on the email to set up your Magnus Health Portal for MMI.

All cadets should have a copy of their insurance card to keep with them in the event they need medical attention, along with a photo ID. If Tricare, they should know their sponsor’s social security number.

Medical Treatment and Reminder from CHC Director:

Any cadet experiencing symptoms of illness and/or injury should report to the Cadet Health Center staff. The Cadet Health Center is open from 0700-1600 hours Monday – Friday.  After hours medical emergencies should call the Campus Safety and Security (OC) emergency cellular number: 334- 292-9690 and Cadet Health Center staff and/or medical first responders will be contacted immediately.

After evaluation, appropriate transportation to and from a medical treatment facility may be necessary due to the situation and urgency.  Costs associated with proper treatment and transportation to appropriate facilities in the best interests of the health and safety of cadets are listed on the Transportation Charges document.

Cadets are encouraged to bring  over the counter medications with them to keep in their room. Some suggested items include: Tylenol, ibuprofen, cold and allergy meds, throat lozenges, stomach distress meds, anti-biotic ointment or cream, sunscreen, bug spray such as Deep Woods Off, Band-aids, Mole skin (for blisters). Any other medications cadet uses at home.

Cadets will keep any prescribed medications secured in their room and are responsible for taking them as prescribed.