Uniform Fit and Care

Please consult the Cadet Manual for the proper uniform designations. These uniform items will be issued to you upon arrival at Marion Military Institute.

When you arrive to be fitted, for health reasons, please make sure that you are wearing proper undergarments. You will be trying on dress shoes. Please be sure and wear or bring a pair of black dress socks to try shoes on. If you do not have black dress socks, you may purchase some from the Uniform Department.

When you receive your uniform issue, please do not

1.) remove any tags

2.) throw away any packaging

3.) write your name on any item

until you have tried them on in your room and had your cadre agree that the items fit. You will be receiving a lot of items on that first day. Something may not fit. If you rip off all the tags and throw out the packaging, we can not exchange it. We need to be able to sell it to the next cadet.

If you find that you need to make exchanges or have alterations done please advise your cadre. The Uniform Department is open from 0730 until 1630 and does not close for lunch.

Alterations are free on initial issue. After September 1st or a second alteration on an item will cost.

Helpful Instructions


1.) Check all pockets before loading the washing machine.

2.) Close any hook and loop fasteners to prevent snagging (ACU’s)

3.) For ACU’s, turning the uniform inside-out while laundering prevents the hook and loop from attaching to other items and prolongs the usefulness of the hook and loop.

4.) Wash like colors together to keep from having dye run.

5.) Check garment labels for special washing instructions.

6.) Select garment type (ie permanent press or regular)

7.) Check heat selection. Most items can be washed on cold or warm. Use warm or hot for whites and towels.

8.) Check heat setting and fabric setting on dryer before starting. The higher the heat, the more shrinkage that you may experience, especially in clothing items with a high cotton content. The blue/gray pants are an example. They will shrink when set on a high heat setting. Pants hems should NOT be above the top of the shoe heal. If your pants have shrunk, you will be asked to bring them to the Uniform Dept. to have the hem let out. The charge for this is $4.50 per pair of pants.

General Ironing


1.) Use the proper heat setting for the garment being ironed. The blue/gray pants will turn white with over starching and scorching. You may then be sent to purchase a new pair at a cost of $26.00 per pair.

2.) Use a white lint free cloth, such as a white pillow case, between the item you are ironing and the iron to help prevent scorching.

3.) Do not iron the black pants on high heat. You will melt them. The cost to replace them is $60.00

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